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WTW 355IR Portable Turbidity Meter
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Jual WTW 355IR Portable Turbidity Meter

Spesifikasi WTW 355IR Portable Turbidity Meter

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Battery-operated portable turbidity meter with Tungsten lamp according to US EPA or infrared LED ( 860 nm) for nephelometric measurements according to ISO 7027 / DIN/ EN 27 027 ( EN ISO 7027) : Handy, lightweight and easy to operate.

The AutoRange function switches the measuring range automatically. Resolutions are between 0.01 und 1 NTU, depending on the measuring range. The 1 to 3-point calibration is very convenient for the operator. Pressing the CAL key switches the instrument to the calibration mode. The menu-guided interface easily guides the operator through the calibration process: the operator is prompted to enter and confirm calibration standards in descending order.

The Turb 355 T / IR comes in a handy carrying case. All necessary accessories are included. The instrument is powered by 4 AAA batteries and fulfills IP 67.

Measuring range     NTU
FNU     0 … 1100
0 … 1100
Resolution     0.01 NTU from 1 … 9.99
0.1 NTU from 10.0 ... 99.9
1 NTU from 100 ... 1000

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