Spektrofotometer - GD-4530F 8 Lamps Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Murah

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Spesifikasi Spektrofotometer - GD-4530F 8 Lamps Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Murah

SPEKTROFOTOMETER AAS, GD-4530F 8 Lamps Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer


Complete automatic controlling system;

Advanced graphite furnace temperature controlling technology;

Safe, reliable and convenient flame system;

Multi-functional software workstation;

Completely controlled by PC, can flexibly select the flame and graphite furnace atomizer (optional);

Integrated floated optical platform design can obviously improve the optical system shock resistance and can keep stable though use the optical signal for a long term;

Eight light stands can be changed automatically and preheat the eight element lights meantime as well as optimize the working condition of the hollow cathode lamp;

Position adjusting: the best height of the flame burner and can automatically set the front and rear positions;

Fully automated wavelength scanning and peak searching;

Complete safety chains protection equipment: the function of warning and automatic safety protection towards the wrong burner, leakage of the gas, under voltage of air and the abnormal flameout;

Deuterium lamp and self-absorption background regulation;

Data processing: super strong database, possesses more than 500 data self-storage and cut-off storage function, can store the analyzed result with the form of EXCEL and the testing method and the result can be randomly called;

Measuring method: flame absorption method and emission method;

Result printing: parameter printing, data result printing and diagram printing;


Instrument Configuration

1pc Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer1pc

1pc Air compressor without noise 

PC workstation: computer, HP inkjet, apparatus operating software (the object can be prevailed on the specific configuration)

A set of accessories (including Acetylene reducing valve, one copper and manganese element lamp and air filter)



Wavelength range190 – 900nm
Spectral bandwidthCan automatically change between 0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 1.0nm and 2.0nm
Accuracy of the wavelength±0.15nm
Receptivity of the wavelength≤0.04nm
Base line stability≤0.002A/30min (Cu)
Characteristic viscosity0.02μg/ml/1% (Cu)
Checking limit0.004μg/ml (Cu)
Grating1800 lines/mm
InflamerAll-metal titanium burner
AtomizerEffective glass atomizer
Lamp standEight lamps
D2 background correction abilityWhen the background is 1 A, the background ability should be deducted not less than 50 times; self absorption background deduction method
Size and weight700mm×550mm×450mm  75Kg
Power source220V±22V  AC


Flame System:

Acetylene air burner100mm
Nitrous oxide acetylene flame head50mm
Ignition dynamic baseline drift≤0.006A/30min
(Cu) Characteristic viscosity≤0.025μg/ml/1%
Related standard deviation of the accuracy≤0.5%(Cu, absorbance>0.8A) (detection limit Cu≤0.008μg/ml)
Safety systemCan automatically cut off the gas when the pressure is not enough, the power is off, flameout and unconformity of the burner


Graphite Furnace:

The highest temperature3000℃
The largest temperature rising speed≥2000℃/S
Characteristic quantityCd≤0.5×10-12g  Cu≤0.5×10-11g
AccuracyCu≤3%  Cd≤3%
Size and weight550mm×450mm×300mm 65Kg
Safety systemOver current protection
ProtectionLow air pressure alarm, low cooling water flow alarm
Power source and power220V±22V AC 7000W

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