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MEGGER MIT480 Insulation And Continuity Tester Murah
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08 Feb 2020


Insulation Tester


CATIV 600V applications
Insulation testing to 1000V and to 200GΩ
TRMS & DC Voltage measurement
Continuity testing at 200mA down to 0.01Ω#Analogue and dual digital display
Insulation & continuity limit alarms
PI/DAR and Timer function
The Megger MIT480 Telecoms Insulation and Continuity Tester has been designed specifically for the telecommunications industry. The Megger MIT480 insulation & continuity tester offers insulation testing from 50V to 100V and continuity testing at 200mA or 20mA is provided with TRMS & DC voltage measurement and a combined analogue and dual digital display. The MIT480 series is a direct replacement for the BM80 series that offers greater functionality and application range with simplified operation.

Insulation Testing
50V - 100V insulation test voltages available.
Test Lock to lock insulation test on continuous.
Actual test voltage is displayed on the smaller digital readout.
Insulation result on the larger digital display.
Analogue arc display to replicate the response of a moving coil display.
Insulation testing up to 10GΩ.
High quality flexible silicone test leads prevent measurement errors on higher GΩ ranges.
Test inhibit prevents insulation testing if voltages in excess of 75V are detected.
Insulation buzzer can be set to buzz if the insulation resistance is above a preset limit.

Continuity & Resistance
Auto test on circuit contact.
200mA or 20mA continuity test currents are available.
20mA will considerably increase battery life.
Lead resistance compensation (null) operates up to 9.99Ω of resistance.
Buzzer selected by simple push button.
Adjustable continuity buzzer limit alarm from 1Ω to 20Ω in 5 steps.
kΩ range extends resistance measurement to 1MΩ.

Voltage & Frequency
Suitable for use on circuits up to 600 V CAT IV.
AC voltage measurement is True RMS up to 600 V.
DC Voltage measurement to 600 V.
Auto-ranging from 10mV to 600V provides wide range of applications and suitable for transducer inputs
Default voltmeter is activated on any test function if a circuit voltage is detected.

The Megger MIT480 use a patented analogue arc display which shows essential charge and discharge characteristics not visible on a digital display. The single pointer needle response mimics a moving coil meter and the logarithmic display is used for improved low insulation value measurements. A dual digital display is also employed by the MIT480 insulation tester. The large main digital readout offers good visibility for all main  measurements while the second digital display is used for additional data such as insulation test voltage, insualtion leakage current, frequency and test mode.

The MIT 480 is designed to be exceptionally safe to use with fast detecting circuitry to prevent damage if accidentally connected to live circuits or across phases. In addition the Megger telecoms insualtion & continuity tester has a default display of live circuit voltages on all ranges with detection and inhibit functions even if the protection fuse has failed. The unit meets the international requirements of IEC1010-2 and EN61557 with a CAT IV 600V rating.

Red Lead 1.25m complete with probe
Black Lead 1.25m complete with probe
Red Croc Clip
Black Croc Clip
Instrument Rubber Boot
Calibration Certificate



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