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KYORITSU 4200 Earth Resistance Clamp Meter
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The Kyoritsu 4200 Earth Clamp Tester features the noise check function to detect current that can influence an earth resistance measurement.

The earth resistance from 0.05 to 1200Ohm can be measured without the auxiliary earth spikes.
True RMS - accurate true RMS readings of AC current including distorted waveform from 1mA to 300A
Noise check function - A function to detect current, which effects an earth resistance measurement and display "NOISE" mark on the LCD.
Memory function - save and display up to 100 measurement data
Data hold function / buzzer function / back light function
Compliant with safety standards of IEC 61010-1 : CAT IV 300V Pollution Degree2
Note: A single earthing can not be measured - only for multiple earthing systems

Highlights & details
Earth measurements without earth shocks
True-RMS-Current measurement
Up to zu 100 measured values can be stored.

Technical data
Weight 780 g
Displays     LCD
Resolution     2099 counts
Reading range A DC     -
A/AC reading range     0 - 30 A
Frequency range     50/60 Hz
Reading range - resistance     05 -1200 V Ω
Basic accuracy     ± 1.5 %
Opening range of current clamps     32 mm
Reading category     CAT IV 300 V
Power supply     4 x AA
Can be calibrated to     ISO/DAkkS
Height     54 mm
Length     246 mm
Width     120 mm

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