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KYORITSU 2056R True RMS Digital Clamp Meter
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14 Feb 2020



The Kyoritsu 2056R digital clamp-meter is a true RMS sensing, auto-ranging multimeter for measuring current, voltage, capacitance, frequency, and resistance in electrical testing applications. It has a clamp that measures AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) to 1,000A (amperes). The clamp has two jaws that can close around an electrical conductor up to 40mm (1.6 inches) in diameter to measure current without touching or interrupting the circuit. A set of test leads is included for measuring AC and DC voltage to 600V, capacitance to 4,000μF (microfarads), frequency to 10kHz (kilohertz), and resistance to 60MΩ (megohms). Frequency can also be measured with the clamp. The meter has a rotary switch to select the property to measure, and a 6,039-count LCD with a backlight for visibility in low light. The display shows the reading numerically and in a 60-segment bar graph.

The meter's peak hold function captures the highest reading of the inrush current at the startup of motors and other inductive loads. Its relative function allows a measurement to be set as a reference value and displays subsequent measurements as a negative or positive deviation from that value. The minimum/maximum function tracks the lowest and highest readings for a property for as long as the function is engaged. To capture readings in tight spaces and aid documentation of readings, the data hold function keeps the most recent reading on the display after disconnecting from the circuit. An NCV (noncontact voltage) detector in the jaws senses voltage without making contact with the circuit and triggers a red LED when voltage exceeds 100V. A continuity buzzer confirms that the circuit conducts electricity, and a diode check detects whether a circuit’s diodes are working properly. When paired with a K-type thermocouple probe (sold separately), the meter's temperature function can display temperature readings in degrees C and degrees F. The unit operates on two 1.5V AAA batteries, and turns off automatically after 15 minutes of non-use to conserve battery life. It has a low-battery indicator that signals when the battery needs to be replaced.

This true RMS (root mean square) sensing meter provides accurate readings when measuring linear or non-linear loads, regardless of the waveform. It is auto-ranging, so it automatically selects the appropriate operating range for the property being measured. Accuracy and resolution specifications vary according to the range being measured. It meets IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) safety standards 61010-1, 61010-031, and 61010-2-032, and is rated for CAT (category) IV installations to 600V, which covers equipment at the origin of the installation, such as electricity meters and primary over-current protection equipment. It has CE (European Conformity) marking. The unit comes with a carrying case.

Maximum AC (alternating current) input    1,000A
Maximum DC (direct current) input    1,000A
Maximum AC voltage input    600V
Maximum DC voltage input    600V
Maximum capacitance detected    4,000μF
Maximum frequency detected    10kHz
Maximum resistance detected    60MΩ
Installation rating    CAT IV, 600V
Standards met    IEC safety standards 61010-1, 61010-031, and 61010-2-032; CE marking
Power supply    (2) 1.5V AAA batteries
Weight    310g/10.9oz.
Dimensions (H x W x D)    254 x 82 x 36mm/10 x 3.23 x 1.42 inches



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