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HT Instruments PVCheck Installation Safety Tester Murah
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08 Feb 2020


Insulation Tester


HT Instruments PVCHECK Installation Safety Tester Multifunction instrument to check safety, parameters and performance of a PV plant. The multifunction instrument PVCHECK allows prompt and safe electrical checks required for a PV system (section DC) as well as controls on working of modules / strings in accordance with IEC/EN62446 guidelines.

PVCHECK verifies the continuity of the protective conductors (and the associated connections) and executes insulation resistance measurement of the active conductors on a module, a string or a photovoltaic field in accordance with the requirements of IEC/EN62446, without the need of short-circuiting the positive and negative terminals. 

PVCHECK allows verification of a PV string's working in accordance with the requirements of IEC/EN62446 by measuring the open circuit voltage and short-circuit current under operating conditions and reporting the results to STC (by means of radiation measurement). It provides an immediate outcome for both absolute measurements and for measurements compared with the previously tested PV strings.

PVCHECK also allows carrying out performance analysis of PV array (DC) under operating conditions (connected to the inverter) providing an indication of the power generated and the efficiency of the field as specified by IEC/EN62446. IEC EN62446? Just in one test. Voc - Isc Insulation Resistance Continuity of protective conductors Check the insulation of the entire PV array with a single test. No longer need to wait for the night or cover the photovoltaic modules to verify insulation of the modules ... HT PVCHECK is able to perform the verification of the insulation system with voltage without the need to use an external switch to put in short-circuit the positive and negative terminals

Safety test of PV installation
Continuity test on protective conductors with 200mA
Insulation test with test voltage of 250, 500, 1000VDC
DC voltage
DC current
DC Power
Solar irradiation [W/m2] with reference cell
Environmental  and module temperature by means of PT1000 probe
SOLAR-02: remote unit for irradiance and temperature measurements (RF connection).
Recording of PV plant parameters (DC side) with programmable IP (5s – 60min)
Use of PDC compensation ratios according to environmental and module temperature
Use of relationship to maximize the DC efficiency
Outcome OK/NO
Check of PV string's working
Measurement of open circuit voltage up to 1000V DC
Measurement of short circuit current up to 10A DC
Measurement of temperature, automatic or by means of  PT1000 probe
Measurement of solar radiation [W/m2] with reference cell
Mechanical inclinometer for the detection of solar radiation incidence angle
Comparison with standard conditions (STC 1000 W/m2, 25°C)
Outcome of testing: OK / NO
Database to manage up to 30 types of photovoltaic modules
Internal memory for data saving
Optical/USB port for PC connection
Help on line on display

What's In The Box:
(1) KITGSC4 : Set 4 cables + 4 alligator clips
(1) KITPCMC3 : Set of 2 multi-contact one wire for MC3 connectors
(1) KITPCMC4 : Set 2 multi-contact one wire for MC4 connectors
(1) User manual on CD-ROM
(1) Quick reference guide
(1) ISO9000 calibration certificate



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