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CHECKLINE HTM-ATEX Intrinsically Safe Mechanical Tachometer
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08 Nov 2019


Laser Tachometer


The HTM-ATEX mechanical hand-tachometer is designed to accurately measure RPM and surface speed on a wide range of applications.
This tachometer is using a pointer and dial to display RPM or surface speed.

Additionally, the range of variation and frequency of variation of the measurement is evident with the speed and span of the movement of the pointer. Includes Peak-Hold button. The 3-Position Range Selector Switch provides the highest possible resolution for each application.

The HTM is supplied with a durable rubber sleeve providing extra ergonomic benefits for comfortable and secure hand-held use and provides an additional measure of physical & environmental protection.
The RED 3-Position Range Selector Switch provides highest possible resolution for each application providing a multiplier of 1X, 10X or 100X for reading of dial.

This ATEX approved version is suitable for zone 1 use, in all gas groups with a temperature class of T4 and is also suitable for mining applications I M2 c.

4 Models, 2-English & 2-Metric
HTM-100F-ATEX 10-10,000 rpm/5-5,000 ft/min
HTM-100M-ATEX 10-10,000 rpm/1-1,000 m/min
HTM-500F-ATEX 30-50,000 rpm/15-25,000 ft/min
HTM-500M-ATEX 30-50,000 rpm/3-5,000 m/min

Suitable in all surface industries in hazardous explosive areas
Accuracy of ± 0.5% Full Scale
Self-contained--- NO BATTERIES required!
Supplied as a complete kit with cone & funnel tip adapters, shaft extension & surface speed wheel in foam-fitted carrying case
NIST-Traceable Calibration & Test Report optionally available under p/n NISTCAL
Memory button holds pointer in "last" position until reset
Over-sized Dial (70mm) uses 2 separate color scales making reading RPM (black) and Surface Speed (red) quick and easy
Rubber shell on housing provides extra protection and improved grip
3-Position Range Selector Switch provides highest possible resolution for each application
Favored in several industries, including elevator maintenance, mining industry and others,

All models are supplied as a complete kit in foam-fitted carrying case including cone tip and funnel tip adapters, shaft extension and instruction manual.

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