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BOSCH BEA 850 Emissions Analysis
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20 Okt 2019


Gas Analyzers


The BEA 850 is approved and equipped to meet all current and known future requirements of exhaust gas analysis on pertrol and diesel engined vehicles and is fully approved for MOT official testing. Natural gas powered vehicles can also be tested.
The modular approach to Bosch equipment guarantees flexible upgrade possiblities for the future. The BEA 850 can be easily upgraded with a KTS module to provide control unit diagnosis. The addition of the FSA 720 or FSA 500 would enable complete vehicle system analysis for advanced fault diagnosis.

Testing and minimizing pollutant emissions with modular measurement technology – in accordance with the latest legislation and with highest measurement accuracy. The workshop requires robust, future-proof technology to achieve this, with clear operator guidance and simple handling. The new emission analysis instruments from Bosch test equipment excel through their easy and timesaving handling. Other particularly important aspects in the daily handling of exhaust gas analysers are the short run-up times and brief measuring times.

Much more than only an exhaust-gas test
Bosch provides the workshop with the complete spectrum from simple exhaust gas examination up to the complete emission system analysis:

The exhaust-gas analyser for exhaust-gas examination
The exhaust-gas diagnostics system for error diagnosis
The modular expandable exhaust gas maintenance system for the efficient workshop
All devices are highly efficient with customer-conforming documentation of the measurement and diagnostic results. They are all easy to operate. With their modular design, high quality standard and innovative measurement technology, they always offer a future-proof investment.

BEA 850 at a glance
19" TFT Monitor providing glare free, high resolution display with wide viewing angle
Remote control for easy and practical use during testing
Printer with dustproof cover, providing full A4 printouts of results
Engine Measurement Module with clearly arranged mounting for all adaptor cables
Diesel smoke meter - The RTM 430 National Standard reference smoke meter
Keyboard mounted on fold away tray
Computer Module (PC) - high performace and robust PC
Exhaust-gas measuring module (at rear of unit)- accurate measurement and low maintenance due to long term stability
Trolley - stable, easy to move, loackable wheels
Control Unit Diagnosis - BEA850 can be upgraded with KTS module for fault diagnosis (optional extra)

BEA 850 Software
The test software of the BEA 850 can be operated intuitively ans its clearly laid-out screen menus gaurantee an efficient test sequence. The integrated customer database contains the vehicle history and customer data. The results of the exhaust-gas test are finally tranfered to the AU-PLUS software for statistical purporses.
The software is also capable of:

Petrol Test and Diagnosis:
Gas Values CO, CO2, o2, HC, lambda, NO (optional)
Speed measurement
Oil Temperature
Multiple curves - Up to 6 measured variables can be shown simultaneously as a curve: CO,CO2,O2,HC,NO, engine speed and oil temperature

Diesel Test and Diagnosis
Smoke Opacity testing during free acceleration
Continuous smoke opacity testing
Speed measurement
oil temperature measurement

Optimized data communication in the workshop
User oriented documentation of the measurement and diagnostic results
Integration of already existing Bosch exhaust-gas analysers



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