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AEMC CA1727 (1748.30) Contact/ Non-Contact Tachometer
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Jual AEMC CA1727 (1748.30) Contact/ Non-Contact Tachometer

Spesifikasi AEMC CA1727 (1748.30) Contact/ Non-Contact Tachometer

Laser Tachometer


Measurements up to 100,000 rpm
Multiple of functions and automatic routines for data acquisition and storage: measurement of rotational speed, linear speed, count, frequency and period
Extensive programming possibilities
Digital display with analog bargraph
USB interface for processing results on a PC
Includes TachoGraph software on CD-Rom
Stores up to 4000 measurements results

This instrument is simple to use and offers numerous measurement possibilities with or without contact. Measurement by photo-reflection for no-contact measurement: a reflective strip is positioned on the part to be tested. The optical sensor helps to prevent external disturbances and the active, modulated infrared beam guarantees correct measurements.

For traditional measurement with contact, a mechanical adapter (cylinder, cone or calibrated wheel) converts the rotation speed into pulses which are then measured by the tachometer.

Instruction Manual
Hard Case
FRB F Connector
USB Connector
9V Battery
Reflective Strips
TachoGraph Software
Quick Startup Guide

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